Online Maths and Science Tutorials

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Online Maths and Science Tutorials

Subjects we cover?

For Online Maths and Science Tutorials, each session will have a different topic or theme. I focus on topics I know students tend to find tricky, for example, mitosis and meiosis, inheritance, transport, electromagnetic waves, generation of electricity, bonding, reactions, ratio, probability, solving equations and so on.

Students can also request topics throughout the term. The sessions consist of a mixture of listening to me teach and working independently. Work will be differentiated so that your child can work at their own pace. I do expect students to participate on the board or send me their answers through Skype chat. Regular feedback will be provided for parents who would like it.

How does it work? – The technical bit

The sessions are run over Skype and a shared whiteboard called Miro. (You will need to register for both of these applications and request to join my team before your first session). I ask students to have their cameras on (for safety and security reasons) but they do not have to speak unless they want to.

What happens next / I still have questions

When you book a lesson I’ll send you more information or you can get in touch here.

Online Tutoring Videos

If you’ve ever wondered what an online course is like, take a look at this recording of an actual lesson…

online maths and science tutorials

How to Book

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