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Private tutoring in Kent and the 11+ Kent Test Summer Club in Alkham, Near Dover in Kent.

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Specialist Subjects

GCSE maths and science, A-level biology, science experiments for younger students, and 11+ Kent Test.

Kent Test Clubs

A fun way to prepare your child for the Kent Test during the spring or summer holidays.

Other Subjects

Revision, homework help, essay writing, adults returning to studies.

About Us

Prince Tutoring is a small, private tutoring business based in Alkham, near Dover in Kent. Founded in 2012 and run by me, the sole proprietor Tracey Prince.  I became a fully qualified teacher in 2007, and have experience working in both primary and secondary schools in Folkestone

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GCSE Maths

Help banish mental blocks at any age, level or course type. Boost grades and tackle tricky topics. 

GCSE Science

Fun, engaging lessons to rekindle curiosity and a love of science. Improved grades and enthusiasm guaranteed!

Kent Test Clubs

Group sessions held every spring & summer to help students in year 4 or 5 prepare for the 11+ Kent Test. A mixture of fun, engaging activities, written tasks and assessment practice.

Other Subjects

Help with homework tasks, essay writing and proofreading, vocational science such as midwifery, social sciences, literacy and numeracy.


What my Students are Saying

“I’ve never learnt so much in an hour in my life” Vicky Year 10

“I wish i was coming to see you tomorrow too” Fraser Year 4

“Best science teacher ever!” Millie Year 11

“I like going to see Tracey because she’s kind and patient” Sophie Year 10

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Private Tutoring in Kent