Kent Test Holiday Club

Kent Test Holiday Club

The Kent Test Holiday Clubs are my favourite times of the year!
We start at 9:00 am in the Alkham Village Hall every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the Spring and Summer holidays. Three hours of fun, engaging activities to help your child prepare for the Kent Test. A balance of games, written tasks and practice assessments. All the tricky topics that students frequently need extra help with will be covered: NVR codes, VR codes, comprehension, creative writing, SPAG, algebra, NVR nets and cubes, spatial awareness, ratio, probability, fractions and percentages, to name a few!
Join us for the very competitive ‘Parents vs Students Maths Quiz’ on the last day of the summer, if you are feeling brave!
£25 per child, per session. Snacks and drinks are included in the price.


Mock Test This Spring – Saturday 20th April, 2024. An early assessment allows plenty of time for your child to overcome their weaknesses. If you missed the mock test, I am offering 50% off mock test packs – to complete at home.

  • Complete a mock test pack at home and I will mark it and give feedback.

Spring Club Dates for 2024

  • Wednesday 3rd April – Welcome & Main focus: Fractions, Decimals & Percentages, 9am-12 noon
  • Thursday 4th April – Main focus: Creative Writing Basic Skills, 9am-12 noon
  • Monday 8th April – Main focus: Spatial Reasoning, 9am-12 noon
  • Wednesday 10th April – Main focus: VR Mixed and Mini Mock Paper, 9am-12 noon
  • Thursday 11th April – Main focus: NVR Sequences and Tiles, 9am-12 noon
  • Monday 27th May – VR codes and Number Sequences, 9am-12 noon
  • Wednesday 29th May – Spatial Reasoning, 9am-12 noon
  • Thursday 30th May – NVR Codes, 9am-12 noon

Summer Club Dates for 2024

  • Monday 22nd July – Welcome and Tricky Maths Topics, 9am-12
  • Wednesday 24th July – Main focus: Year 6 Maths Topics, 9am-12
  • Thursday 25th July – Main focus: NVR Mixed Topics, 9am-12
  • Monday 29th July – Main focus: VR Codes and Sequences + Mini Mock, 9am-12
  • Wednesday 31st July – Main focus: NVR Nets and Cubes, 9am-12
  • Thursday 1st August – Main focus: English Comprehension Skills + Mini Mock, 9am-12
  • Monday 5th August – Main focus: Fractions, Decimals & Percentages, 9am-12
  • Wednesday 7th August – Main focus: VR Mixed Topics + Mini Mock, 9am-12
  • Thursday 8th August – Main focus: SPAG, 9am-12
  • Monday 12th August – Main focus: NVR Sequences and Grids, 9am-12
  • Wednesday 14th August – Main focus: Left Open for Consideration 9am-12
  • Thursday 15th August – Main focus: English Mixed Topics, 9am-12
  • Monday 19th August – Main focus: Maths Shape and Space, Coordinates, 9am-12
  • Wednesday 21st August – Main focus: VR Algebra, 9am-12
  • Thursday 22nd August – Main focus: Spatial Reasoning + Mini Mock, 9am-12
  • Monday 26th August – Main focus: NVR Codes + Mini Mock, 9am-12
  • Wednesday 28th August – Main focus: Speedy Story Writing, 9am-12
  • Thursday 29th August – Celebration + PARENTS Vs STUDENTS MATHS QUIZ!!

The Saturday Morning Online Kent Test Club

When & How? Saturdays at 9am Term Time Only via Skype and using a shared whiteboard called Miro
Cost £15 per student, Max 10 students

Relax with a cuppa on a Saturday morning, knowing your child is busy preparing for the Kent Test!

This club takes place every Saturday morning during term time at 9am. Sessions are run over Skype and an online whiteboard called Miro. Sessions are £15 per student. Contact Tracey Prince for more details and to book your place. Free Trial!

How to Book

Choose the service you would like to book from the list below. For example; ‘The Tuesday Online Club’. and click ‘Book’. Scroll through the calendar for available dates and select the number. Click on the time of the session on the right.  Please select the date(s) you’re interested in to check availability in the calendar below and then click on the button showing the time. Select ‘next’. Fill in your child’s details. At the bottom of the page, you can add another booking or continue on to the payment page. If you have  any problems with the booking system, please get in touch. I usually have spaces.     

If you would like to book a free preliminary meeting, please use our contact form.

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